After over 10 years running my own hospitality marketing consultancy, I have now launched the Sleeping Lion Business Improvement Questionnaire and Toolkit.

This is supported by a range of new Business Improvement Workshops – tailor-made sessions focused on developing straightforward solutions and best practices in the following areas:

In addition to these new workshops, I still run the following training and development programmes:

#SOCIALMEDIA!?  is aimed at those who are still struggling to fully get to grips with the wild world of Social Media – it provides tailor-made, clear, non-jargon guidance and support.

INSTILLING A PRIDE CULTURE can be a one day ‘shot in the arm’ workshop or a full five day change management programme.

BETTER BRAINSTORMING is a crash course in thought-provoking exercises and techniques (from a range of authors and creative gurus) designed to stimulate brighter and more creative ideas from brainstorming sessions.

SALES TRAINING designed to reinvigorate your attitude towards selling.