Building a successful business inevitably means acquiring customers. The act of client acquisition used to fall into two distinct camps – ‘Sales’ and ‘Marketing’.

‘Sales’ used to be all about groups of dedicated sales reps stalking the country with a range of persuasive techniques supposedly guaranteed to ensure that they ‘closed deals’ with hapless prospects. While ‘Marketing’ was preserved for whizzy, creative marketers happy to brief agencies, bring brand values to life and ensure communications were ‘on message’.

But things have moved on. Online media has blown the customer sales interface wide open. As a result, the most successful companies are recognizing the ambassadorial potential of their entire workforce and of their customers, and are looking at appropriate ways to harness this sales potential.

The PRIDE system captures all the subtleties of this phenomenon in a thoroughly contemporary way that will ensure your staff on every level are interacting with customers appropriately and creating the right service environment for effective and non-pressurised sales and customer endorsements. Done right, customers will come to your products and not the other way round.

The PRIDE system is designed to extend your sales reach, broaden your customer base, and help you embrace a range of modern marketing techniques. Available as a top line one day workshop (£1000 + VAT) or a thoroughly comprehensive 5 day sales acquisition programme (price on request).